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Greeker by the Dozen

At Iowa State, Greek Week is a tradition held by sororities and fraternities to unite the community through a week of tournaments, fundraising, dancing and more. This year, Alpha Delta Pi was a team with Delta Tau Delta and Phi Beta Chi under the name “Greeker By the Dozen.”

The week started off on Easter Sunday with teams all over Greekland displaying their banners. Later that day, teams competed in the karaoke competition. Our team did a rendition of “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green. Although the team did not move on, the performance was successful despite some technical difficulties.

Almost every night, teams from all over the sorority and fraternity community gathered at Lied Recreation to cheer on their chapters. From dodgeball, to “treds,” members came in dress-up themes each night to support. Thursday night, our team battled the way to the top and won the basketball tournament. Greek Week also started a new rule of having only the girls play in the first half of the game and the boys play in the second half. Despite never practicing prior to the tournament, our girls had great charisma.

Friday was the day for Polar Bear Plunge. Due to weather, the plunge was moved inside to State Gymnasium. Despite the change of plans, our team showed up to jump with our Special Olympic athletes. Overall, our team raised $11,647 for Special Olympics of Iowa. Our team scheduled to go at the same time so we could jump with our sisters.

On Saturday, our team got up bright and early to begin the full day of Greek Olympics. From larping, to egg joust, to bed racer, our team showed up strong and supported our members. The day was filled with hanging out with each other, taking pictures and making memories. That night, our team performed at Lip Sync. Our team members had been practicing for weeks for their performance. They were directed by our Lip Sync co-chairs Olivia McAleer and Allison Meyer. Other members helped get the team ready and then went to CY Stephens to watch and support.

Sunday afternoon was a cold, snowy day but we still got dressed up to go to Vespers - the Greek award show. Alpha Delta Pi was awarded the Leadership Award, given by the Collegiate Panhellenic Council. We are still so proud to have received this honor and hope to continue to lead on the legacy of leadership in the sorority community.

This week could not have happened without our Greek Week co-chairs, Sarah Orban and Kia Richards. No matter what was thrown at them, they managed to work through it and made sure Greek Week was fun and successful for all involved.

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