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Choose to Go Panhellenic

During recruitment, Alpha Delta Pi was the only chapter that had me leaving their house each day with a smile. There is a genuineness about the chapter that drew me in, and I knew by the fourth day of recruitment that ADPi was the sorority for me. As a member of ADPi, I don’t need to put on a show or be an artificial version of myself⁠—I can just be me. I now feel immensely supported by a diverse and authentic group of women who I am proud to call my sisters. My grandmother was an Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Minnesota, so when I told her that I planned to go through recruitment, her face lit up! She knew that I could potentially become her legacy in Alpha Delta Pi. Additionally, I’m her only grandchild who’s gone Greek, so we now have a special bond that I feel so grateful to share with her. I was nervous about being the “odd one out” because I thought recruitment was only for freshmen and I participated as a sophomore, but ADPi made me feel so at home that, within a month, I totally forgot about that. My big diamond sister was also a sophomore when she went through recruitment and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better diamond family. They have taught me so much, and have been amazing mentors throughout the first months of my membership. This may sound corny and cliche, but I honestly believe that since becoming a member of ADPi, I’ve felt more love and support for just being myself than ever before, and I’m able to give that same love in return. The women of ADPi have a unique gift: they are capable of making you feel at home as soon as you step foot into the Pi Palace. Whether you are considering the Panhellenic life or not, you’ll find that their authentic and buoyant spirit lights up Iowa State.

If I could go back in time and chat with my soon-to-be freshman self, I’d not only tell her to pack extra pillows for her dorm, but I’d tell her to go ahead and go through sorority recruitment. I didn’t go through recruitment as a freshman because I was not ready to leave the nest and transition into college life quite yet. During my freshman year at ISU, I had friends who were in Greek Life and got to witness their service to the community, and the opportunities it provided to branch out and meet new people. I so badly wanted to be participating alongside them. As much as I loved Iowa State, it is a pretty big school and I felt like I was a little fish in a really big pond. At that time, I thought recruitment was only for freshmen, and I thought I missed my chance but was I wrong by a long shot. I finally built up the courage to go through recruitment as a sophomore, and let me tell you, it was the BEST decision I could have made. At first I felt very overwhelmed hearing all the chants and cheers as I walked through each chapter facility. But at the same time, it is so cool to meet all the chapters, and think to yourself that these women, guiding you through their house and singing their chapter’s anthem, could be your future sisters. I think that is what excited me the most, knowing that I could call one of those chapter facilities my future home. And guess what? My Rho Gamma is also an ADPi and I’m now so grateful to call her my sister. I have met so many amazing women, and I continue to do so by being a member of a Panhellenic organization. Some of the girls in my recruitment group are my closest friends to this day and I am so grateful for them and the recruitment experience. I would say if you know somebody who is on the fence about recruitment, tell them to GO FOR IT! For real, it is 100% worth any anxiety you might feel because you truly gain insight as to whether the Panhellenic life is right for you. You also meet so many amazing people in the process. Yes, at first you may feel like a little fish in a very big pond, but trust me, it is worth the swim to find your forever home.

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