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Why ADPi

February 7, 2018



Alpha Delta Pi – Pi chapter is home to over 170 kind-hearted, selfless, and motivated women.


I ran home to Alpha Delta Pi on August 13th, 2015 and I can’t imagine where I would be without this organization. I was unsure of what the next four years would bring but looking back, Alpha Delta Pi has provided me with encouragement, role models, and endless support. Now, as a third-year collegiate member, here is why I still choose ADPi every day.


I choose ADPi because I can be my most authentic self. Whether that means terrible singing, late night study parties, pulling pranks, or yelling at the top of my lungs, I know these women will love me unconditionally.


I choose ADPi because I value high academic standards. Pi chapter just received a cumulative chapter GPA of 3.50, the second highest within the entire Greek Community which speaks to our chapter’s academic drive.


I choose ADPi because I am empowered. The women around me see more potential in me than I sometimes see in myself. They push me to try new things and are my biggest fans along the way.


I choose ADPi because I want to give back. Alpha Delta Pi supports Ronald McDonald House Omaha and as a chapter, we raise over $12,000 annually. We also have the opportunity to volunteer at RMH Des Moines which allows us to meet families impacted by what we do.

I choose ADPi because I found my best friend, my partner in crime. The person who laughs at my bad jokes, the one I tell all my secrets to, and the one who is always up for a spontaneous adventure (even if it’s just a trip to Walmart).


Alpha Delta Pi has given me much more than just these things and I know that choosing ADPi has changed my life. These women are who I look up to and who I aspire to be and that’s why I choose Alpha Delta Pi every day. 

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