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  • Ruby Crow

International Women's Day

Growing up, I was blessed to have three women as role models: my mom and my two older sisters. I’ve always looked up to them and aspired to live up to their legacy. They showed me what a modern woman was: a kind heart, a leader, involved, authentic, and driven. I saw how much of a positive impact they had on the people around them. They are three of the most empowering women I know –always bringing about change and standing up for what they believe in. Showing their strength, courage, and passion for making a difference in the world. They inspire me daily and have shaped me into the woman I am and still strive to be.

The list of women I looked up to grew after being initiated into Alpha Delta Pi. I saw the women of Alpha Delta Pi as leaders. They possess the gumption to try new things and an inclusive personality of which I’m confident will take them far in life. Their influence, drive, and passion empowers me to do whatever it takes to keep growing and pushing myself to go above and beyond the standards of most. I’m lucky to be sisters with these dedicated women and will forever be proud of their achievements.

Being a panhellenic woman means being a compassionate woman. An involved woman. A strong woman. I firmly believe I wouldn’t have reached this level of self-awareness anywhere else.

It can be confusing to be a woman in today’s world, but I’ve learned it’s most important to support one another now than ever before. Being a woman today says a lot. We are more powerful than ever when we stick together. But we can’t stop there. We must keep working hard and fighting the good fight to show how strong and capable we are.

To me, being an authentic and empowered woman means striving for greatness. Redefining beauty with words like real. Bold. Brave. Confident. It means to speak up for what you believe in, knowing you have the power to make a difference. But above all, it means to just be you. Your entirely unique and special self. You have what it takes, and you are going to change the world someday. Everyone has a spark in them, you just have to ignite the flame. No one is ever alone in this, which is why we will go far if we go together. Empowered women will empower women.

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