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  • Kia Richards

Class of 2018

My time at Iowa State University would have been different if I didn’t join Alpha Delta Pi as a freshman is 2014. I would have never lived with 60+ women in one house. I never would have held 5+ leadership roles in an organization of 170+ women. Finally, I would not have excelled in my field of study.

As a freshman coming to Iowa State, I was six hours away from home. This was a huge change for me and I wasn’t sure how I was going to adjust to a big campus like this. I was nervous about classes, making friends, and getting involved. When I joined Alpha Delta Pi, it was a little overwhelming I’m not going to lie. Everyone knew everyone and I was the new girl along with 51 other women. Bid day was amazing and serenades were unforgettable. The Sunday before my first day of college, I was so nervous to get lost finding my classes. Luckily the women of Alpha Delta Pi were there to help me. My Pi Pal, an older member, was there for me to ask questions and be a mentor for me for the first couple of weeks to help me adjust to college and sorority life. My Pi Pal (now Big Diamond sister) and her roommate took me around campus and made sure that I felt comfortable with where all my classes were. At that moment I knew that I could count on these women for anything.

Fast-forward to a few months later when elections for new positions in the chapter were happening. My sisters encouraged me to apply for a position. I thought they were crazy. I was a freshman who had only been in this organization for about three months. I ended up being elected as the Property Manager. I would not have ran for that position if the women surrounding me told me that they could see me holding a leadership position. From then on, I was motivated to run for other positions because the women around me made me confident in myself.

As a freshman I had the amazing opportunity to move into the mansion at 2125 Greeley Street. I lived with the older alpha class for an entire semester and they welcomed me with open arms. Fall 2015 rolls around and I lived in again and this time it was with the women my age. This was the best school year by far. No matter where you were in the house, there was someone to hangout with, study with and sit & laugh with! We pulled pranks on each other, we sat in the dining room and would talk with Mom Nancy for hours, and hangout in the kitchen with Chef Kev and keep him company while he would be cooking. Living in the house was the best decision because I got to know people that I would not have gotten close with if I wasn’t there. I found four of my bridesmaids within Alpha Delta Pi because of the relationships that I created while living in.

If I were going though Primary Recruitment again this August, there is not a doubt in my mind that I would not join Alpha Delta Pi again. I gave the Greek Community and Alpha Delta Pi a chance and they did not disappoint. The women behind the blue door are loving, smart, and courageous women that have changed my life these past four years. I am so sad to be leaving this chapter but so excited to see how everyone is going to grow as individuals and as a chapter in the future. I am a proud Pi member and wouldn’t have changed my experience for the world!

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