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Sweet Home ADPi

When I tell people I live with 60 women, their eyes get wide like I’m crazy for living with that many women. I thought the idea was crazy too. But when will you ever get to do this again?

I was very nervous to live in, especially when the first weeks of living in would be during the craziness of recruitment. But I learned right away it’s like having a giant family all under the same roof - kind of like the Brady Bunch or Full House.

The sense of family is definitely present around meal times. Whether it’s before class for breakfast, middle of the day when people come and go for lunch, or when we all line up to say grace before sitting down for dinner, we’re all together. Sisters are always eager to ask you about your day, how your week is going and everything else in between. It’s not just the women who live in either; women who don’t live in can come eat if they have a meal plan so you never know who you may sit with at dinner.

Although there’s a lot of people in one household, it is actually beneficial. When you need advice, there is someone to give you that advice. When you want to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie, there’s a big, comfy couch in the basement for that. If you need someone to grab something from your room while you’re on campus, someone will most likely do that for you.

My favorite memories of being a member of Alpha Delta Pi is the time I got to live in the “Pi Palace”, my home away from home. From pranking people, to living with my best friend, to staying up late in the study room, I couldn’t imagine it with anyone else than my sisters.

Living at 2125 Greeley has more to do than the pretty courtyard or the nice basement. It’s the people inside that show you what living for each other really means.

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